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ONICON Air flow Monitor for Combustion Airflow Applications

Combustion Airflow Applications – A variety of equipment used in industrial applications like boilers, furnaces, etc are tuned with an optimal air to fuel ratio to improve efficiency and achieve optimal process performance. Measuring airflow is key to finding this ratio and achieving combustion optimization. An optimized system will also result in less maintenance costs over time.

Power, Biomass, and Recovery Boilers – Regardless of the fuel type used to power the boiler, measuring the airflow into the combustion chamber is necessary to calculate the perfect air to fuel ratio. A system that is running too lean or too rich results in either performance or cost issues.

Heaters, Furnaces, Ovens, and Kilns – Whether for ceramics and glass or annealing and debinding, the industrial sector relies on heat from a variety of sourced burner equipment to perform essential process functions. With some processes requiring extremely high temperatures, fuel costs can become burdensome. Combustion optimization of burner equipment lowers operating costs by increasing efficiencies.

Onicon Air flow Monitor Product references for Combustion Airflow Applications

Paper & Pulp Boilers

Cement Manufacturing

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  AUTO-purge III- Air Monitor

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  CA Station – Combustion Airflow Measurement Station

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  CAMS™ – Combustion Airflow Management System

  • Onicon- Air Monitor  VOLU-probe SS – Stainless Steel Traverse Probe with Transmitter


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